“Having been a Kemper Scholar affects my career every day for the better. On every performance review, my highest ranked skills are those I developed during my Kemper Scholars non-profit internship and summer seminars. My mentors’ encouragement to collect varied and meaningful experience led me to study in Oxford and explore career possibilities.”


JP Beall
Associate, Finance Leadership Program
Kemper Corporation (Insurance)

The Kemper Scholars program facilitated my growth on both professional and personal levels. I use the business skills I learned as a Kemper Scholar every day. Those skills helped me secure a spot in the Morningstar Development Program. Stepping outside of my comfort zone during our internships encouraged me to take personal risks in other areas as well.


Stephen Schmitt
Commodities and Energy Product Consultant
Morningstar Inc.

“The Kemper Scholars Program laid the foundation for my career by teaching me goal setting, self-confidence, and professionalism. The Kemper Scholars Program emphasized goal setting coupled with the charge to be an adventurous young professional. In my career, I constantly draw from my Kemper Scholars experience to guide my steps.”


Ariel Celeste Johnson
Strategic Accounts Management
Viacom, Nickelodeon

“I would not be where I am today without the Kemper Scholars Program. For me, the most valuable part was the mentorship. As an international student in a small liberal arts college, I was a bit nervous about making the leap to the professional world in America. My experience gave me great confidence as I entered the exciting worlds of investment banking and private equity.”


Chengpeng Mou
HGGC, LLC (Private Equity)

“The Kemper Scholars Program put me steps ahead of my classmates. It gave me the skills to effectively and confidently navigate the professional world and, most importantly, how to learn within it.”


Nana A. Owusu
Financial Reporting Accountant
NPR (National Public Radio)

“The Kemper Scholars Program provided me with significant opportunities. The internships broadened my perspective and offered exposure I could not have received any place else. Every person I worked with took time to teach and challenge me. Applying for the Kemper Scholars Program was one of the best decisions I ever made.”


Douglas Pugh, CFA
Principal and Portfolio Manager
Peregrine Capital Management

“The Kemper Scholars Program offered me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and build confidence in my abilities. The program provided me resources to learn how to leverage my knowledge of IT to think more strategically and make it applicable any work environment, whether it was the non-profit community arts center in Chicago or IT training company in Mexico City where I did my internships.”


Richard Martinez, Jr.
Research Engineer
USAA (Financial Services)

“The Kemper Scholars Program taught me many things about being a professional. One of the most useful is the importance of researching a company before your interview. It can be the difference between obtaining the position or not.”


Nestor Zavala
Sales Representative
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation

“The way the Kemper Foundation staff and my campus Kemper Scholars Program advisor believed in my potential helped mold the self-confidence I needed to become an effective leader. Consequently my Kemper Scholars internship experiences helped me view myself as a leader who can use her career as a means to live and lead with purpose.”


Monet A. Scott
Staff 1 Auditor
Ernst & Young Atlanta

“As an English and Theatre major, I initially assumed that my discipline would provide little more than filler space on my resume during a business interview. My time as a Kemper Scholar taught me that not only did my broad liberal arts education provide me with the skills to thrive in the business world, it actually distinguished me from my peers.”

Michael Mead
Specialty Underwriting Associate
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

“The Kemper Program gave me the opportunity to apply the learning from my project management courses and develop my skills on real workplace projects. Without the experiences Kemper allowed me, I would not have been prepared or have the confidence necessary to lead projects immediately after graduation.”


Kelly Pryga
Project Manager
Medica Health Plans

“The Kemper Scholars Program gave me exposure to the professional world. I acquired organizational, analytical, and critical thinking skills that I still use every day. As a direct outcome of my Kemper Scholars experience, I was able to pursue my interest in consulting. And I built a network of lifelong friendships that are still vibrant today!”

Karla Magaña Figueroa
Senior Advisory Consultant – Financial Services
EY (Ernst and Young) 

“If you’re up to the challenge, the Kemper Scholars Program has the potential to turn you into a true world-changing champion. The Foundation selects the brightest students and cares for each one of them. The staff gives you tools, guidance and opportunities. If you add your hard work to the mix, then nothing can stop you from making your dreams come true.”

Jan Taborsky
Happy Campers Gluten Free

“The college experience helps us not only define our goals and values but imagine ourselves in the professional world doing what we love. The Kemper Scholars Program enabled me to expand on that imagination and gave me a glimpse into life after textbooks and exams. Equally rewarding was living and growing with other talented Kemper Scholars.”


Caleb J. Kocian, CFP®
Financial Advisor
UBS Wealth Management

“The Kemper Scholars Program was a once in a life experience I will always cherish. I developed business and professional skills that set me apart from other college graduates while seeking employment. The program challenged my perception of the business world and our society and allowed me to meet amazing people who are destined to shape our world.”


Elizabeth Wicker Chaney
Ernst & Young

The James S. Kemper Foundation gives back to the community through grants and scholarships, and by developing future business leaders, with a special focus on the insurance industry.

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