Launching business careers through real-world experience

Are you considering a career in business – but wondering where you might best fit in that world? The Kemper Scholars Program can help you find your way.

Our Scholars Program

Kemper Scholars Program

As a Kemper Scholar, you develop the practical and professional skills you need to launch a career in business.

Financial Aid that allows you to graduate from college without taking on burdensome debt

Coaching & Mentoring that help you assess your skills and interests, explore career paths and search for jobs as you transition from college to career

Professional Development opportunities that equip you with career-building skills and insights

Internships that give you the chance to live independently, work alongside established professionals, and develop real-world skills

The Kemper Scholars Program has changed my life.

Hajar Habbal | ’20 Scholar

If you’re looking for a “way up” and a “way in” to the world of business, the Kemper Scholars Program may be your best chance to explore pathways to a successful career.

New Scholars Annually

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Placement Rate

Partner Institutions

The Kemper Scholars Program is proud to work with these ten universities and colleges.

What Makes a Kemper Scholar

Students accepted to the Kemper Scholar Program meet a number of criteria based on scholastic achievement, career interests and demonstrated maturity.

Find out what it takes

The Kemper Scholars Program evaluates candidates based on the following considerations:

  • Academic major/Career interests
  • Academic standing, achievement and potential
  • Strong moral character
  • Availability for post-sophomore and post-junior summer experiences
  • Need and opportunity
  • Diversity

75 years of shaping
well-rounded future business leaders

For over 75 years, The James S. Kemper Foundation has been guided by its founding principles: to seek out promising college students and develop their skills to become well-rounded business leaders.

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“The best way to cultivate the bigness of mind needed for success in business is through real-world application of what is learned through academic study… It contributes to mental power in situations that cannot be predicted in detail in books.”

Hiram L. Kennicott | First President of The James S. Kemper Foundation


We will be accepting applications beginning Friday, August 21, 2020.