Application Process

How do I Apply?

Once you have confirmed your eligibility and reviewed application requirements, your journey as a prospective Kemper Scholar begins with the online application.

See Eligibility Requirements

1) Online Application

Complete the online application by the Wednesday after MLK Day of your spring term, first year of college.

2) Campus Review

Current Kemper Scholars and your Campus Coordinator will review your application and may invite you for a first-round interview in January or February.

3) In-person Interviews

Once selected as a finalist by your campus review committee, you will complete a final in-person, on-campus interview with Foundation staff some time in February or March.

4) Selection

By mid-April, Foundation staff announce the newest class of Kemper Scholars and submit award acceptance materials.

Access the Online Portal

Your application as a prospective Kemper Scholar will begin via our online portal.

Before you begin your application, please note that you may only apply to the program if you attend one of our current Partner Institutions and meet basic eligibility requirements.

By setting up your email and password, you will be able to access the application form.

You may begin the application at any time starting August 23, 2019, save what you have written as a draft, and return again to edit and add more later.

To be considered for the Kemper Scholars Program, you must submit your completed application by January 22, 2020.

We look forward to learning more about you as we select our next class of Kemper Scholars.


We will be accepting applications beginning Friday, August 21, 2020.