Kemper Scholars Annual Conference

Reflection, mentorship and relationship-building

The Kemper Scholars Annual Conference convenes each August in Chicago. During the Conference, Scholars reflect on their experiences; cultivate relationships with their peers and learn from each other; build their skills and confidence as emerging professionals; and benefit from mentorship from Foundation staff.

Scholars who have just completed Community-Based Internships or Business Internships share the lessons of those experiences, while newly-selected Kemper Scholars meet each other and learn from the older Scholars.

What happens at the Conference?

Explore what the 2-day event includes for Kemper Scholars, Campus Coordinators, Foundation staff and guests to celebrate the work and growth of each Scholar.

Sample Conference Agenda

The Conference also includes pre-event activities such as a Program Orientation Dinner for newly select Scholars and a Job-Search Strategies Workshop for Rising Seniors.


We will be accepting applications beginning Friday, August 21, 2020.